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Marico AOKI


Artist, Born in 1985, Saitama, Japan. Based in Tokyo, she works in various areas.
She uses videos, pictures, paintings, clothes and sculptures to create installations based on magic and rituals.

She is trying to create a chaotic new world that mixes animistic cultures of diverse minorities with a globalized modern culture. Along with personal activities, She works as an art group "hanage" and "Ongoing Collective" that are active in Tokyo.

1985 Born in Saitama.
2012 MA, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo


Solo exhibitions

2013 “Kakinokinoshita Mentorigokko” ( JIKKA / Tokyo)
2014 “Traveling to reposition the scattered particles of mirrored sounds.” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo)

2016 “Finally I made a space.” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo)

2017 “SPIRIT DISCO” (switch point / Tokyo)

2018 “The Tail of Möbius” (gallery N  / Aichi)

2019 “Sapporo Station main street Award-Grand Prize exhibition-Unknown clothes-” (prospect gallery "terrace plan" / Hokkaido)

2020 “Tomorrow's History ” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009 “Koshiki art project exhibition” (Kosiki iland / Kagosima)

2010 “INAI INAI GO” (Sagamihara citizen gallery / Kanagawa)

         “Koshiki art project exhibition” (Kosiki iland / Kagosima)

2011 “Ongoing Festival” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo)
         “the two geostationary objects” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo)

         “Ongoing X'mas” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo)

2012 “ART AWARD TOKYO MARUNOUCHI” (Gyoko-dori Underground gallery / Tokyo)
         “the Artistic Residencies Program” (Cerveira Biennial Foundation / Portuguese Republic)

         “TITEN -POU STO-curation by KAYOKOYUKI-” ( JIKKA/TALION GALLERY / Tokyo)

         “D art Biennial ” (Nagoya)

2014 “Koganecho Bazaar” (Kanagawa)

         “Unknown Nature series No.5” ( AYUMI GALLERY/Underground / Tokyo)
         “TWS emerging 2014” (Tokyo wonder site / Tokyo)

2015 “FROM” ( Yadokari Tokyo in itadaki / Tokyo )

         “TSUSHIMA ART FANTASIA” ( Tsushima / Nagasaki )

         “Cement and Letter-planning -hanage-” ( LOOP HOLE / Tokyo )

2016 “Unusualness Makes Sense - Alternative Art Practices by Thai and Japanese Artists ” ( Chiang Mai University Art Center / Chiang Mai / Tai)

         “NEW VISION SAITAMA 5The Emerging Body” (The Museum of Modern Art / Saitama)

2017 “TWS-NEXT @tobikan -air in between-” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery B / Tokyo)

         “SUZU 2017:Oku-Noto Triennale” (OKU-NOTO Oral Tradition Museum-Ongoing Collective- / Kodomari Preschool / Ishikawa)

2019 Noise of Silence: Japanese Art Now” (Golden Thread Gallery / Belfast / Ireland)

         “Absorption/Radiation-hanage-” (19th Hokuto Building / Saitama)

         “TERATOTERA Festival 2019-"Freedom of choice?” (Former Takeda Noodle Factory / Tokyo)

2020 “New Intimacies-curation by soda-” (KAYOKOYUKI / Tokyo)

         “Square stories” (hibit / Aichi)


Selected Video Screening

2016 Ongoing Video Festival 2016” ( Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo )

    “Hybrid Video Art Theory1.1-TRIP-Ongoing Collective-” (Cinema Maebashi / Gunma)

2017 “Hybrid Video Art Theory2.0-Ongoing Collective-” (Kodomari old Elementary school gymnasium / Ishikawa)




2015 Talk and Reading “「 Cement and Letter 」-hanage-” ( LOOP HOLE / Tokyo ) 

2016 Talk “「 What happens if a child is born? 」-hanage-” ( Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo )

    Event  “「 Append 」-hanage-” ( krautraum / Tokyo )

         Workshop “Make a face mask of God and make a transformation! God's Festival 2016 -hanage-”(The Museum of Modern Art / Saitama)

2017 Event “(hanage+Sabbatical Company)×sound” (the 2nd Center for Meal factory of Tokorozawa City / Saitama)

2019 Performance “Business trip mikoshi cat get tower.~ Three people and their life ~curation by hanage × Tetsushi Higashino” (Absorption/               Radiation Exhibition  / Saitama)

2020 Talk “「Let's talk about selling art and buying art at Art Center Ongoing.」-hanage-” ( Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo )

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